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Drupkelders Rock Pools, Knysna, by Forest Edge

Drupkelders - loosely translated into Dripping Cellars, are rock pools in the Knysna forest. Combine a 3.5km indigenous forest walk with a visit to magnificent rock pools in the Homtini River in the Knysna Forest. These massive rock pools offer deep, cola-coloured waters to cool off in and even a waterfall to clamber up next to (to another series of pools). Take a rucksack with picnic and swimming things and wear good walking shoes as there is a steep section near the river. Due to the exclusivity of this gem, only 12 persons a day are allowed in and a Sanparks permit is required (Wildcards are not accepted for this walk). It is not expensive and you are required to keep the permits on you should officials ask you for it by the rock pools. This trail starts at the Forest Edge Nature-lovers Retreat gate entrance.

NB - for info, hours, costs, to book, permits etc. do NOT contact us, Tel SANPARKS on 044-3890126 / 044-3025606

Guest photo - courtesy Andrew Teversham.  Knysna Drupkelders rock pools in the morning.  Hiker on Knysna Forest walking trail; Knysna walking trail; forest trail  Reflections of angled rock in the Drupkelders Rock Pools - exquisite swimming in rock pools 
Drupkelders offers beautiful photo opportunities - lichen, grasses, contrasts, light and dark in the rock pools  Swimming in rock pools at Drupkelders - cold, cola-coloured, clean mountain water - take a Soul Shower!  Guest photo - courtesy Jon Amira; drupkelders waterfall and Knysna rock pools on forest walking trail
Water flowing over rock at drupkelders , drupkelders knysna , knysna drupkelders , drupkelders rock pools , drupkelders at Forest Edge  Climb up next to falls to dicover more pools at Forest Edge drupkelders , drupkelders Virtual photo tour , photos of drupkelders ,  Guest photo - courtesy Andrew Teversham; Some stalachmites and stalachtites are present in the crescent cave at Drupkelders - conditions probably to good for growth 
I hope you enjoyed these photos of the Knysna Drupkelders rock pools in the Drupkelders virtual photo tour. These photos of Drupkelders are meant to be representative as trees fall, landscapes change and different weather casts different light. One cannot capture it in one photo. Guest photos are acknowledged in the hover-over.

*** You will miss out if you do not make the effort to visit this incredibly beautiful, natural spot! The Forest Edge Drupkelders Knysna rock pools are worth the effort. Drupkelders at Forest Edge offers our guests prime starting position as you walk there from your cottage veranda.

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